Barford Cricket Club

Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire

2011 – Bath

Thanks for coming Tour balances are due, so if you don’t want to annoy the Tour Secretary (who, if you need any reminding is the sole allocator of accommodation!), then I suggest you get them in the post yesterday…

Mike Ireland (veteran seamer and occasional funky tweaker) has switched the tour around this year and we’ll be taking the waters at Bath, hosted by the furry Geordie himself Mike Watts. Since his self-enforced exile from leafy Warwickshire, Mike has set the pub cricketing world alight (or would if he’d been able run a bit faster – see here for further details). In the words of our beloved secretary: “Clearly the hairy boozer isn’t as quick out the traps as he used to be….” – there’s clearly only one way to settle this….

There are a number of tour virgins this year, so expect the Judge to be merciless (in his infinite wisdom). All four are making their tour debuts on the Friday night fixture which must be some sort of record! The more perceptive of you may also have noticed the absence of Messrs Ireland and Peirson from their traditional Friday night outing – I’m sure this bodes well for the bar takings at The Ram, but possibly not for their performances against The Star on Saturday…

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