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Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire

100 Club

The 100 club is a licensed lottery designed to provide an additional source of finance to the club which the committee can use to support the future of the club and invest in equipment and coaching etc. It is now administered by Tom Hase who looks after the membership and supervises the monthly draws.

The draw will be held on or around the end of each month in the Joseph Arch Pub, our club sponsors, and prize winners will be notified by text/email and also a notice will be placed in the Joseph Arch by the Club Shirt over the fire place.

Members are free to buy as many numbers as they would like, and encourage family and friends to join up as well if they would like. Membership of the 100 club is £24 per annum, with 100 numbers available and a prize draw every single month. Meaning, each draw entry costs just £2 per month.

Further details are are available in the following document.

The lucky winners of the 100 club draw are as follows:

  Month £50 Prize £30 Prize £20 Prize
  November 2022 Ben Gardiner Scott Coop Oli Yazdianpour
  October 2022 Pat White Bella Simpson Dave Richards
  September 2022 Anthony Dogherty Maria Morgan Oli Yazdianpour
  August 2022
  July 2022 Simon Morgan Paul Henderson John Close
  June 2022 Roger Simpson Maria Morgan Vanessa Macnee
  May 2022 Jon Lambdon Paul Craven Oli Bertram
  April 2022 Rob Davies Chris Harris Frankie Bertran
  March 2022 Dan Holloway James Beavan Anthony Dogherty
  February 2022 Sandy Peirson Mary Peirson Paul Stacey
  January 2022 Chris Sanders Ange Chambers Andrew Evans
  December 2021 John Lambdon Roger Simpson Ziggy
  November 2021 Andrew Evans Chris Harris Vanessa McNee
  October 2021
Eileen Forrest Toby Jones Joe Robbins
  September 2021 John Fraser Tim Jolly Paul Johnstone
  August 2021 Ziggy Richard Griffiths Rob Perry
  July 2021 Chris O’Reilly Hugh Robbins Pat Hooper
  June 2021 Mike Dennis David Brown Pat White
  May 2021 Richard Jones Mary Peirson Bella Simpson
  April 2021 Samantha Forrest Derek Morgan Tim Jolly
  March 2021 CnP James Beaven Paul Robbins
  February 2021 Rodney Barnes Joe Robbins Roger Simpson
  January 2021 Paul Henderson Phil Morris Mark Griffin
  December 2020 John Fraser Mary Peirson Bella Simpson
  November 2020 James Beaven Alistair Cutler Emma Saywell
  October 2020
Andy Hawkins Toby Jones Maria Morgan
September 2020 Paul Stacey Sandy Peirson Kevin Tobin
August 2020 Andy Hawkins Emma Saywell Dave Lawson
July 2020 Dave Lawson Pat White Ben Gardiner
June 2020 James Wilson Tom Hase Dave Lawson
May 2020 Pat White Ben Griffin Phil Morris
April 2020 Jim McCarthy James Beaven Layla Stavely
March 2020 Paul Johnstone Neil Forrest Belle Simpson
February 2020 Paul Henderson Sandy Peirson Belle Simpson
January 2020 Phil Morris Kevin Tobin Tony  Timms
December 2019 Sandy Peirson Andy Hawkins Dave Richards
November 2019 Jim McCarthy Simon Hawkins Ben Griffin
October 2019 Layla Stavely Gill Jones John Close
September 2019 Paul Johnstone Simon Morgan Oliver Bertram
August 2019 Ben Stone Patrick O’Reilly Belle Simpson
July 2019 Simon Morgan Patrick O’Reilly Jon Lambdon
June 2019 Chris Sanders Oliver Bertram Chris Vallenti
May 2019 Tim Oliver Mary Peirson Ziggy
April 2019 James Beaven Julie Weable Chris Sanders
March 2019 Chris O’Reilly Richard Jones Rob Davies
February 2019 Jon Lambdon Layla Stavely Gary Dunn
January 2019 Tim Jolly Andy Hawkins Gill Jones
December 2018 Sylvia Morgan Chris Prince Tom Hase
November 2018 Layla Stavely John Fraser Rob Davies
October 2018 Andy Hawkins Simon Drage Jake Farquhar
September 2018 Ben Gardiner Chris Prince Stuart Mair
August 2018 Richard Long Ben Griffin Ken Liddington
July 2018 Layla Stavely Mark Warner CnP (Simon Drage)
June 2018 CnP (Simon Drage) Sylvia Morgan Phil Morris
May 2018 tba tba tba
April 2018 tba tba tba
March 2018 Tom Hase Pip Hunt Mary Peirson
February 2018 Bella Simpson Mary Peirson Ben Griffin
January 2018 Andy Hawkins Mike Dennis Tim Jolly
December 2017 Kate Summers Mary Peirson Garry Delday
November 2017 Ben Griffin Tony Griffin Paul Robbins
October 2017 Vanessa MacNee Simon Hawkins
(not one moment too soon)
Garry Delday
September 2017 Ziggy Dave Richards Steve Howes
August 2017 Paul Henderson Rodney Barnes Julie Leggett
July 2017 Mike Hope Bex Fraser Debbie Hobbs
June 2017 Pam Timms Stuart Mair Matt Cobb
May 2017 Strange Penny Morgan Paul Henderson
April 2017 Debbie Hobbs Caroline Albury Simon Drage
March 2017 Mike Hope Will Morgan Toby Jones
February 2017 Jade Mannix Dan Holloway Liz Griffin
January 2017 Dave Richards Paul Stacey Mary Peirson
December 2016 Antonio Parasmo Ben Fraser Corenna Jennings
November 2016 Katy Thompson Jake Farquhar Simon Morgan
October 2016 Layla Staveley Rob Perry Will Lovell
September 2016 Bella Simpson Bob Harris Martin Peters
August 2016 Pat White Tony Timms James Kavanagh
July 2016 Andy Baker Julie Wheable Simon Drage
June 2016 James Kavanagh Liz Griffin Layla Stavely
May 2016 Layla Stavely Pip Hunt Ziggy
April 2016 Rodney Barnes Susie Bradshaw Martin Peters
March 2016 Paul Stacey Will Perry Tim Jolly
February 2016 Phil Morris Richard Jones Chris O’Reilly
January 2016 Layla Stavely Chris O’Reilly Maria Morgan
December 2015 Richard Jones Chris Sanders James Kavanagh
November 2015 Alison Stewart Rebecca Fraser Fiona Skidmore
October 2015 Caroline Albury Andy Hawkins David Brown
September 2015 Richard Jones Bella Simpson Katy Thompson

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