Barford Cricket Club

Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire


According to the Midlands Cricket Club Conference handbook, Barford C.C. was originally founded before 1900. However, the present Club reformed in the late 1970s by laying an artificial wicket and erecting a portakabin for a pavilion.

Key points of interest for prospective members:

* We only play friendly games at the weekends, and even the midweek league games are played in a friendly atmosphere

* We have lots of social events and go on tour every year

* We can provide kit if required

* You can play when you want (only a few diehards play every week)

Today we have some 30 active (i.e. can walk without the use of props) members ranging in age from the late teens to pensioners, and their abilities are as varied as their ages.

We are now playing at Snitterfield on a grass wicket, which should reduce the advantage that most of our opposition seemed to enjoy when playing on our old synthetic mat. It remains to be seen how our bowlers will adapt to having to revert to old-fashioned virtues of line and length…

All our games are friendlies. If you want to play league cricket, then we are not the Club for you. Have a look at our fixtures (when available) or previous years results pages to see the type of opposition we play.

To become a member at Barford, you must play a minimum of 3 games after which you part with an annual subscription. We charge each player a match fee which contributes to the cost of providing teas, ground maintenance etc. Players who are unemployed or in full time education pay reduced rates. For details see fees. Thanks to the whims of the ECB, you’ll also need to complete a membership form like this one and read (and agree!) to the clubs code of conduct.

Interested? Then contact any of the committee members for an informal chat.

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  1. Hi there,

    Keen cricketer but not played for a few years, 44 now but still love playing.

    I know with Covid it’s all a bit different, but are you planning nets this year as would love to join in.

    Kind regards


  2. Neil Forrest says:

    Hi Andy

    I have e-mailed you about nets.



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