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Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire

Mailing List

Rather than have the endless joy of sending/replying emails to an ever increasing number of email addresses (mostly of people that you have never heard of!), we’ve made things a bit easier this year by creating a mailing list for the club: So all you have to do now to email the entire club is to use that address rather than any/all of the motch-potch of addresses that are currently cluttering up your address book.

Further information (including how to subscribe or unsubscribe) is available here

If you have been subscribed to the mailing list you will have received details by email already – happy emailing!

A number of you have reported issues with receiving emails from the list and it seems to be related to the ISP or mail provider that you are using. Anyone on hotmail or yahoo seems to be at an increased risk their mailing list messages being treated as spam and ending up in their junk folder. Please check your junk folder regularly in case emails are being incorrectly processed. There is very little that can be done at our end to fix this but you can try a couple of things depending on the ISP and email client that you are using:

  • set up (the originating email address) as a contact
  • set up an email rule that specifies that anything from is not spam and should not be routed into your junk folder
  • Please let me know of any problems that you might be having as I can’t do anything to help if I don’t know about them!

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