Barford Cricket Club

Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire


At Barford we are always looking for new players to reduce the team average age, hopefully, to below 140. At weekends, we play only friendly games against similar local teams and several league Sunday 2nd XI teams. In the meantime you are most welcome to take a look around this site and if you want to attend nets or come along to any game or social event then please feel free to get in touch with a committee member or e-mail us directly.

Anyone seeking guidance on the club ethos could do far worse
than read Marcus Berkmann’s hilarious take on village cricket in “Rain Men” and the follow-up “Zimmer Men”, which are uncannily close to real life. If you enjoy the books, you’ll love playing for Barford…

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2014 Pre-season Party

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