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Stroud 2014 Tour Report

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Thanks to the Tourmeister for all his hard work in ensuring another stonking weekend in Stroud. The sun shone, the food and drink were both excellent and plentiful, the children were relatively well-behaved, our hosts were friendly and welcoming and we even won a couple of games of cricket.

Tour Highs and Lows

The Tour Highs and Lows (as voted by the touring party, and moderated by the Tourmeister) are in:

Weighbridge pies-three day’s food encased in pastry
The weather
PJ running 8 to Timms/Peirson
The chairman’s bowling on Friday
The Egypt Mill-no trouble there
Shawn’s attempts to ‘offer Paul Stacey out’ – the big fella’s had larger breakfasts!
The Kingswood tea-thanks Mrs Pat
Stacey’s catching
Ben and Jake’s batting at Kingswood
Mushy’s bowling spell at Nympsfield
Affable opposition all round
Suggestions by the Stroud clubbers that James Beaven isn’t in the first flush of youth
The state of the kids
Drage’s anti-Stroud rant (cue video link – sorry better skip that in case the lawyers are watching!)

The chairman’s enforced temperance
Sober chairman forgetting his medication (first time I’ve ever been late to a pub because of Sandy!)
Weatherspoons (which goes without saying)
Monosyllabic bouncer refusing to let Richard back into the above
The sour-faced staff at The Rose and Crown
Jolly’s lobster-pink pins
Lambdon’s ice cream consumption
The beer at The Dinneywicks
Beaven and Stacey having to stay at the Premier Inn due to a clerical error-sorry!

Match Reports

These are coming in in dribs and drabs, but the following pithy account from the chairman on Sunday’s fixture at Nympsfield Commoners is available here , whilst the game at Kingswood is now available here


The paparazzi have also been at it again and again

Behind the scenes with BCC, tour preps and caption competition

With less than a month to go before the tour, Messrs Herring and O’Reilly have been spotted warming up on the beach in their ‘half thong mankinis’ in a manner similar to our TOWIE friends Bobby and Harry.

Here at we’ll be with you every step of the way as the build-up continues, providing exclusive insights and content to the most hotly awaited sporting contest of the year.

Apart from the World Cup.
And the test series against Sri Lanka and India.
And Wimbledon.
And the golf.
And the rugby.
And the Commonwealth Games.

But anyway in the mean time our spy in the camp has captured our illustrious Chairman giving our Secretary just a bloke giving another bloke a helping hand to get it on. Your captions welcome…

Your caption goes here….

2014 Tour Balances & Nosh

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Our esteemed Tour Secretary writes:

As Mr Blue Sky is living here today I thought I’d send out the first request for tour balances.
Those of you staying for three nights need to pay £115, two nights £80 and one night £45. The more astute of you will have noticed that I’m asking for £10 above your £45 per night deal. This is for our meal in the hotel on the Saturday night which this year will be a Thai sit down do, as opposed to last year’s free for all (so you needn’t worry about pigs at the front of the queue or people who haven’t paid turning up and helping themselves).
The meal is a set menu at £23 per person but the discount we’re getting on the rooms allows us to reduce this to a tenner.
I need you to pick one choice from each of the three courses,
1. Thai spring rolls
2. Chicken satays
3. Prawn sarongs
4. Chicken sesame toasts
5. Golden bags
1. Chicken green curry
2. Beef in oyster sauce
3. Mixed veg in oyster sauce
4. King prawns pad Thai noodles
5. Thai jasmine fragrant rice
1. Ice cream
2. Longan fruit in syrup

1. Thai spring rolls
2. Golden vegetables
3. Vegetarian golden bags
4. Deep fried tofu
5. Thai sweet corn cake
1. Tofu green curry
2. Tofu Thai sweet and sour sauce
3. Mixed veg in oyster sauce
4. Tofu pad Thai noodles
5. Thai jasmine fragrant rice
1. Ice cream
2. Longan fruit in syrup

If you could please email me your dining options and send a cheque to cover your balance and meal, payable to Barford Cricket Club, to me at the usual address

2014 Touring Teams

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An important message from the Tour Secretary:

“Thanks to our three valiant captains for agreeing to be ‘king for the day’ (with the exception of Sandy who won’t be aware of this until he opens his email on Monday-but he’s far too polite to refuse!). The Sunday line up invariably changes due to injuries and Alederflower/Merlot”


Slimbridge – 6:00


Kingswood – 2:00


Nympsfield Commoners – 2:30

Chris O’Reilly(c) Paul Henderson (c) Sandy Peirson (c)
Simon Drage Chris O’Reilly Paul Stacey
Jake Farquhar Ben Griffin James Beaven
Tim Jolly Paul Johnstone Ben Griffin
Phil Morris Phil Morris Paul Johnstone
Simon Hawkins Erdsy Simon Drage
Richard Johnson Mike Ireland Jake Farquhar
Sandy Peirson Pete Fisher off the telly Tim Jolly
John Lambdon Tony Timms Richard Jones
TV’s Pete Fisher Richard Johnson Simon Hawkins
Tony Timms John Lambdon Paul Henderson


Tour 2014 news and deposit demands!

From our Tourmeister:

This year we are returning to Stroud and once again staying at The Imperial with the following itinerary:

The price hasn’t gone up-£45 per head, per night.

I require a deposit of £10 per night you wish to stay (i.e. if you wish to stay Friday and Saturday you need to pay £20)

I require your payments by Monday 10th of February (I’m planning to attend all the Sunday net practices before then)

Please send cheques, payable to Barford Cricket Club, to the usual address in the email

Hope you can make it

More tour info and news on the Tour 2014 page, as and when it happens.

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