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Leek Wootton v Barford

Date(s) - 11/06/2013
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Leek Wootton

Result: Lost - by 6 wickets. Barford 131, Farquar 32. LW 132/4, Harrison 1/13

Team list
Peirson, Jones, Henderson, S Hawkins, Harrison, Farquar, Stacey, Savage, Saunders, Beaven

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MOM Jake Farquar
TFC Mike Suffield

Match report from Simon International

With a grey sky overhead and the threat of rain at any minute skipper Paul Henderson decided to bat first and openers Jake and Kieran soon got to work with putting some runs on the board. With some glorious shots being played at both end’s we had raced to 70 for the loss of Jake (33) and then 80 for the loss of Kieran (39). Both out (bowled) swinging at straight one’s whilst trying to push the score even further. But we had got off to our best midweek start and had a solid platform to build on.

Unfortunately though with the aggressive stroke playing Savage unusually not finding the gaps in the field and the steady yet stylish looking Saunders struggling to find anything other than a forward defensive, not many runs were added while the overs ticked away and Leek Wootton were slowly getting back into the game.

As the wicket of Saunders (2) fell we had only moved to 86-3. Up stepped the skipper Paul Henderson who made it quite clear from the first ball what he was going to do. Attack, Attack, Attack, a message which had been passed down from commander in chief Simon International.

We passed the 100 marker in very little time before Rich fell to a superb one handed catch for an unlucky 13, all of which were in singles.

Out came Paul Stacey and so began an eventful final over. Paul H smashed the only 6 of our innings. Paul H was out, bowled for a quickfire 21. James Beaven came to the crease and scored 7 added to Paul Stacey’s 2 and we had gained 15 from the final over and set our host’s a target of 132. Would our highest score of the midweek season so far be enough ?.

With Simon Hawkins opening the bowling, thing’s could not have started any better as the score book read 0-1, after Rich Savage took a brilliant catch that even the safest hand’s in cricket would have been proud of. Simon and opening partner Paul Stacey bowled well in keeping the score down but wicket’s were hard to come by. It was not until the first change that Nick collected one and Leek Wootton were now 36-2. This was to bring a pairing of Holt and Roberts together and although the skipper tried every trick up his sleeve to break it in the form of Beaven, Farquar, Henderson and Jones it was my old mate little rabbit that finally did the damage bowling his usual tosh, spin that does not spin, ha ha. But these two had already added a lot of runs. The batsman cracked our rabbit for another 4 , the umpire signaled it, the score book man acknowledged and recorded it, but hold on what’s that I can see that apparently know one else can ?. The stumps and bails are all over the place and the batsman is lying on the ground. Had Barford sniper taken out the opposing bat before he could score anymore runs ?.

Upon closer inspection and information forthcoming from Shawn himself, he had not been shot.
But actually pegged back in his crease by Shawn’s incredibly tight and accurate bowling, thus forcing him to hit his own stumps. ( I sill think he tripped on his shoe lace ). Anyway the decision was reversed, the 4 was taken off the score, rabbit had a wicket and it was now 111-3.

Now usually an incident like that would win the champagne moment in any cricket match, but not this one….. as I have something else to tell you about…..

From the other end wily Richard Jones (who can spin the ball) sent a delivery down only to see the batsman hit it back towards him. The ball passes Richard, the batsmen start to run, umpire Mike Suff’s seeing the ball coming towards him, kick’s it back to Richard, the batsmen freeze, Richard pick’s up the ball and flick’s the bails off and appeals ,with the batsmen stranded in no mans land.
Are they in ?, are they out ?, is it a dead ball ?, or a no ball ?, is hitting the umpire like hitting the keepers helmet when lying on the ground and a automatic 4 ?, can Richard pick the ball up froma direct back pass ?, or is it a free kick ?, and why am I talking about football when we are playing cricket ?, where is Pete Roymn when you need him ?, and more importantly does he evenknow the answer ?.

Well I can tell you, because after a few chuckles, laugh’s and sarcastic Suff’s comment’s, the umpire in his infinite wisdom calls a dead ball. Oh gosh, all that for nothing.

Anyway back to the game. So after a few more runs and no more wickets we come to the final over of the game. Skipper Henderson has the ball and the unenviable task of bowling the entire over with only 3 runs to play with. Something which even he could not do and unfortunately Leek Wootton hit the winning runs with 3 balls to spare. Or at least that’s how I remember everything happening. It was however a thoroughly entertaining game in more ways than one and I cannot wait for next week when we get our chance to claim instant revenge.

Well played guy’s.

Simon International.

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