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Match Report – Barford v Snitterfield

Simon International reports:

After watching my son get married at the weekend (he is now someone else’s problem, ha ha ) I decided to cut short my holiday in Cornwall to travel home to watch, Inspire and motivate the guys in this must win midweek battle against our hosts Snitterfield as a victory would mean that we would finish our midweek campaign with more wins than defeats. So the story begins –

I am not sure who won the toss but when I arrived It was clear to see that Barford were going to bat first as Kenny Boy Gill and debutant Struan Robertson were walking out to the wicket. From the off the intent was clear for all to see. We are Barford, this is a 20/20 and that means go big or die trying, ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK, ha ha. Ken was swinging his bat at everything. Unfortunately for Ken though he was swinging in all the wrong places and when the straight one finally came, Ken departed without troubling the score board. Enter Kevin Tobin who had a look, smashed a four but then went to next ball. 6 for 2 off 2 overs was not the start we had hoped for. PJ came in to join Struan and they started to settle the nerves as they started knocking the ball around. PJ was retired on 25 and in came Chris O’Reilly who again after having a look started playing his shots. It wasn’t long before Chris and Struan were both retired after reaching 25 and the score board started to look better. That left Alistair Cutler and Ben Griffin at the crease though it seemed as though Ben didn’t want to be there as he smashed the quickest 25 of the season off only 9 deliveries. James Beavan joined the attack and tried to add a few at the death. Alistair was caught and Paul Stacey came in to face the last couple of balls as our innings came to a close with a great total of 162. Well done to Struan, PJ, Chris and Ben an all getting 25. 

So were the guys going to play it safe and try to defend the total, or were they going to have a go? Simon Hawkins was given the ball and asked for a change to come down the hill. Not the best of starts as the first ball was smashed back over his head for 6. On the run rate we were now losing, lol.  Alistair Cutler took the second over and the breakthrough soon followed as Chris took a great catch off Ali’s bowling.  Snitterfield’s 2 and 3 got stuck in and started scoring runs and after 6 overs they were right In the game. Both were retired and two new batsmen came to the crease. Unfortunately for them though we were about to Introduce Mr Angry Into the attack. It wasn’t long before Paul was celebrating as he bowled one before Chris took another good catch. Simon Hawkins was bought back into the attack and he also bagged a couple. Two brilliant pieces of fielding by Ken and James Beaven bought us another two wickets in the form of run outs.  Ken was then asked to bowl and despite being smacked for a few found himself half way through his second over and on a hat trick after Kevin caught one behind the stumps and he clean bowled another. The field closed in and Ken sent one down which rapped the batsman’s pads. Everyone went up in unison and turned to umpire International for a verdict?  Not Out. 

Sadly for Ken, Snitterfield had introduced a no LBW rule for the game, but Ken hadn’t been told. Taking all of these wickets was In one way great, but it now meant that the first of the retired batsmen could return. If we were going to win we would have to do it properly and get them all out. We had a secret weapon though In Jon Lambdon. A few twists and a few turns and a couple of wickets later it was all over. We had bowled Snitterfield out for 136. 

It was time to get changed get a drink and grab one of those infamous Snitterfield burgers that were ready and waiting for us. I now know who won the toss and why they chose to bat second, ha ha. 

It was a superb all round team performance with everyone contributing with the bat or ball or in the field. Well done guys you certainly did me proud in making it a successful midweek campaign. 

Well that’s how I remember how everything happened, ha ha. 

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