Barford Cricket Club

Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire

Roles & Responsibilities

In a bid to overcome some of the confusion regarding who does what and when regarding the availability and the selection of teams, the committee has drawn up the following roles and responsibilities for members, match secretaries and match captains. A downloadable version is available here.
This should help new members in particular by highlighting the dark arts of team selection, and ensure that it operates in a consistent manner throughout the year.
Of particular concern is the lack of response to emails, and it would make everyone’s life easier if replies were more forthcoming this year.

Roles & Responsibilities
Players, Match Secretaries & Match Captains


  • To respond to all communications in good time, especially those requesting availability
  • To ensure any changes to their availability are communicated to Match Secretaries as soon as possible
  • If selected to play, to ensure that they arrive at the ground in good time
  • If selected as a reserve, to ensure that they are still available to play in case of late withdrawals
  • To pay their match fees immediately after the game
  • For home matches, to help with set up of the ground before the game and clearing up afterwards as directed by the Match Captain
  • Match Secretaries

  • To request availability for fixtures in good time via the club emailing list (
  • To ensure that teams are selected equitably, but with preference given to fully paid-up members (and tea volunteers)
  • To nominate a Match Captain in case the club captain and vice-captain are unavailable
  • To nominate a tea-maker (preferably a volunteer) for home matches and ensure that they understand what is required of them
  • To communicate team selections and any late changes via the club emailing list to ensure transparency
  • To nominate an alternate contact for members (usually the Match Captain) in case they are uncontactable on match day
  • To maintain records of availability and selections and pass these on to subsequent match secretaries
  • To confirm the fixture with the opposition at the start of the week preceding the match, agree the start time and exchange contact details in case of bad weather
  • Match Captains

  • To liaise with the Match Secretary regarding team selections and opposition contact details
  • To act as an alternate contact in case the Match Secretary is uncontactable on match day
  • To collect, or nominate an individual to collect match fees from all players after the game, and in the case of match fees from the opposition and ensure the tea-maker is paid
  • To nominate individual(s) for home matches to tidy the clubhouse after the game
  • To ensure the game is played in the correct spirit and that all players abide by the club’s agreed code of conduct
  • To be responsible for ensuring the welfare of junior players during the game especially with respect to ECB guidelines:
  • Bowling (U13 – 5 overs per spell, U15 – 6 overs per spell, U19 – 7 overs per spell)
    Fielding (no close fielding allowed within 10 yards of the bat)
    Batting – helmets with a faceguard must be worn at all times

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