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Statistics 2016 Released

Chief statistician and occasional vice-captain Chris O’Reilly has finally got his finger out and released not only the 2016 statistics but also the long-delayed 2013 numbers (unfortunately missing a few results). These have now gone through the mincing machine and the Cumulative statistics are now up to date.

Notable cumulative milestones for this year are:

  • Simon Drage topping 1000 runs
  • James Beaven topping 2000 runs
  • Paul Johnstone and Ben Griffin closing in on 5000 runs
  • Tim Jolly and Tony Timms closing in on 500 runs
  • Mike Ireland inching towards 100 runs
  • Paul Stacey and Mike Ireland topping 50 wickets
  • Ben Griffin topping 300 wickets
  • Tim Jolly closing in on 200 wickets
  • Simon Morgan and Laurence Boyce closing in on 50 wickets
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