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2016 Annual Dinner Report

Sandy Peirson - Chairman, raconteur

The annual extravaganza of the Annual Dinner saw a good range of old and new members in attendance once again at Merchants in Warwick. It was also great to see Richard and Lee from Snitterfield there, although they had to endure a fair amount of good-natured ribbing!

The delicious meal was interspersed with the usual selection of weird and wonderful prizes, the Chairman’s Speech, a video-link to the Vice-chairman and a reconstruction of the Champagne moments of the year (thanks to Ben and Layla for the production skills), which hopefully these can be made available at a later date!

Many thanks to everyone involved in organising such a fantastic event, and especially to Simon International for his unique hosting. The prize-winners on the night were as follows:

Award Recipient
Clubman of the Year Chris O’Reilly
Batsman of the Year Ben Linfield
Bowler of the Year Simon Hawkins
Fielder of the Year Jake Farquhar
Catch of the Season Ken Gill
Champagne Moment Sandy Peirson
Midweek MOM James Beaven
Midweek TFC Ben Griffin
Most Ducks Paul Robbins
Best Tea John Lambdon
Best Scorer Layla Staveley


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