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100 Club filling up fast

Tickets are selling out fast for the inaugural draw of the BCC 100 club due at the end of this month. In top QVC fashion, Captain Morgan has managed to flog the majority of numbers before they’d even been printed. Premium numbers, such as the “soixante-neuf” secured by the (hyper) Social Secretary, are even rumoured to be going on to the black market at up to 100% of the original face value.

There are currently only about a dozen or so left so make sure you avoid disappointment by getting your orders to our Vice-chairman without delay (see here toasting the success of his latest charitable scheme):


The original post read as follows:

“I am delighted to report that Barford Cricket Club has been approved by Warwick DC for a small lotteries licence. What this means is that we now have the go ahead to start up a 100 club, which will be a good source for fund raising for the club. The aim is to have this money available to the committee for use of the club, to support the finances of the club going forward and to invest in equipment and coaching etc.

This initiative needs your support and we hope those that can will do so.

The 100 club draw and membership will be administered by myself, with Phil Morris acting as the treasurer and one other committee members being actively involved on an availability basis. The draw will be held on or around the end of each month in the Joseph Arch Pub, our club sponsors, and prize winners will be notified by text/email and also a notice will be placed in the Joseph Arch by the Club Shirt over the fire place.

Members are free to buy as many numbers as they would like, and encourage family and friends to join up as well if they would like. Membership of the 100 club is £24 per annum, with 100 numbers available and a prize draw every single month. Meaning, each draw entry costs just £2 per month.

The aim and hope is to sell all 100 numbers and to do so within the next 6 weeks and we need you help and support.

I have attached a copy of the 100 club rules and an application form as a Barford Cricket Club 100 club. Please feel free to complete it and return it to me asap with payment or follow the payment instructions on the form. If you have a preference for a particular number I will of course accommodate that if possible on a first come first served basis.

Please have fun and join in this new club game,
Simon Morgan”

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