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Indoor Nets

Nets supremo Richard Jones has confirmed the first session will take place as scheduled this coming Sunday 18th January at Warwick School from 11am, so it’s definitely time to come out of hibernation and put last years kit through the wash (as the new one won’t be available for a couple of months), although a quick squirt of febreze is normally sufficient for me. After the undoubted excesses of the festive period it’s probably also worth doing a few stretches to make sure you don’t pull anything!

For those of you who want to break yourself back in gently and chew the fat with your team-mates, I can also recommend the following erudite publication to get you back into the swing…

Please let Richard know if you are able to make it, as it helps to plan the session. For the non-cricketers (and let’s face it, that’s most of us), I think you can safely assume the usual debriefing will take place afterwards in one of the local hostelries…

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