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Barford Cricket Club

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The boys are back in town…welcome back Will and Shawn

After what seems like literally hours of work and exams at ‘university’, Barford CC welcome back the greatest youth policy signings since the Manchester United “you can’t win anything with kids” double winning side of 1995-96.

We managed to catch up with them during a lull in their hectic playboy lifestyle to hand over their prizes, but who can forget their rapid runs, dramatic wickets and ferocious fielding which netted them award after award at the dinner last year?


And then of course there is their devilish good looks, which if their Facebook activity is anything to go by, make them a great hit with the ladies of Plymouth.

If you missed it the first time around here they are accepting those awards, live – via satellite / webcam.

Lock up your daughters, as the great Michael Buffer would say “Let’s get ready to rumblllllleeeeeee” (and form an orderly queue at the Badsey away dressing room on Sunday ladies…)


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