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Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire

Broken bones as brave Barford push mighty Marton close to the wire

Freezing conditions and a bitter wind failed to dampen what turned out to be a closer than expected match that went down to the last over. Barford unfortunately lost by 9 runs as dropped catches, run-outs, substitutes, single-handed catches all made an appearance  and most distressingly of all, a trip to A&E for ‘The Safest Hands in Cricket’ Simon Drage, who has temporarily been reduced to the ‘Safest Hand in Cricket’.

Full report over on the match page

Fantasy (cricket) update:

Man-of-the-match Paul Stacey raced to the top of the rankings with his 2/16 and 31 runs and his inclusion in O’Reilly’s World Beaters has strengthened the ex-skipper’s grip of the top of the table.

Top 3 points-scorers

  1. Paul Stacey – 414 points
  2. Nick Saunders – 369
  3. Chris O’Reilly – 365

Top 3 teams

  1. O’Reillys world beaters (Chris O’Reilly) – 1993
  2. Eleven ‘MiddleAged’ Cricketers (Richard Johnson) – 1702
  3. Mushie’s All Stars (Richard Jones) – 1615

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