Barford Cricket Club

Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire

Tour highs & lows


  • Three close games
  • Very sociable hosts
  • The Hawkins sisters stealing the show with the bat
  • The Star, The Pulteney and The Old Green Tree
  • Sandy’s infatuation with Babestation
  • Five virgin tourists attending
  • The best selection of real ale in recent tours
  • Purdy being off in The Wild Duck (If I can’t drink it nobody can-yes I’m THAT petty!)
  • Shawn ‘The Special One’ Harrison being unleashed on the Bath nightspots by his carers
  • The Special One and Statto sharing the honeymoon suite
  • Andrew Sherratt getting locked out of his room-he was only staying one night!
  • The hotel proving perfectly adequate despite people insisting we move before even seeing it
  • The Pulteney barmaids
  • The dancing nutter in The Star
  • Timmsy taking an obvious dive in an attempt to get Richard sent off
  • The earth moved (3.4 on the Richter Scale) as Simon Drage took his “catch of the century”
  • Judge Jolly’s attack of cramp and demolishing a chair in the process – see below

Some weird tour initiation ceremony?!


  • Purdy being off in The Wild Duck
  • Losing three close games
  • Ben’s ‘Star Turn’ on Saturday
  • The hotel breakfast probably not coming from Bath’s finest deli
  • Tour sec unable to sample said selection of real ale
  • Dr Hook’s ‘If Not You’ blasting out of the Morris car stereo
  • Hotel’s parking rip off
  • Phil’s never ending over
  • Chairman STILL drinking Campari

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