Barford Cricket Club

Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire

Bournemouth 2010 highs and lows


  • England being KO’d in the World Cup
  • Lunch at The Dundas Arms
  • Sandy falling flat on his face attempting to bowl at Wareham
  • Goat and Tricycle and it’s proximity to the Hotel
  • An undisturbed nights sleep on Saturday night (Rich Jones)
  • Food at the Amalfi Restaurant
  • Choice of Hobgoblin as a bottled beer
  • Dry weather
  • Tea at Pylewell Park
  • Outstanding 13 year old players at Pylewell Park
  • TJ’s boundary catch at Hinton Admiral
  • 1’st round at the Hotel on Sat night (everyone had a drink) which cost us £21.50
  • A decent hotel (despite being much cheaper than last years)
  • Pete Romyn’s slip catch at Bindon
  • Sandy’s Jack Douglas-like performance after waking up in the back of the Landrover (I’ve included a clip if you’re not familiar with the comedy legend!*?)
  • Erdsy returning to active duty and chipping in with a cameo at Hinton Admiral
  • Sandy’s defiant stonewalling at Pylewell
  • Phil’s ‘Our Man In Havana’ look at dinner
  • Excellent hospitality from all three hosts


  • Seat belts in the back of the Landie after Sandy has been using them
  • Going the wrong way from the Dundas Arms and ending up on the road to Salisbury
  • The absence of the well endowed young lady at Bindon
  • Closure of The Vicarage Hotel at Hinton Admiral (including staff attractions)
  • Extortionate price of tea at Hinton Admiral
  • The cold wind after tea at Pylewell Park
  • No hosepipe moments
  • Too much good behaviour making the Judge’s job very difficult
  • Excessive wind generated by bottled beer
  • Fish unable to attend
  • Chavs car surfing at Bindon
  • The tall people not clubbing-have they accepted middle age with grace or is Erdsy embracing monogamy?
  • The chairman and Campari-again!!!

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