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Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire

Barford 6-a-side

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The club side emerged triumphant from a closely fought sixes final against last year’s winner, Snitterfield.

The event was held at King George’s Field in Barford and was run in parallel with a netball tournament organised by Barford Netball.

Huge thanks to everyone who took part and all those who helped make the day run smoothly. Same time next year?

Snitterfield triumph in 2018 sixes

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Snitterfield’s elite six-a-side unit came out on top in a closely contested tournament, played under the hot sun on Barford’s King George’s playing field. A total of 9 teams battled it out in a very enjoyable contest, with great support from families and village residents – the bar and the barbecue did good trade throughout the day. Many thanks to everyone who took part and all those who did so much behind the scenes to make it happen. Same time next year?

The winning Snittefield side.

To the victor go the spoils

Barford Whippets, the defeated finalists. Bloodied but unbowed.

In the pleasure dome

Like a young Alan Donald

Did I tell you about my innings for Mickleton?

A masterclass in running the bat in

International men of mystery

The hapless home side

A man who KNOWS he will be first to 500

The business end of things

Lynn: You’ve… You’ve popped out again!
Alan: That wasn’t deliberate, I promise you. It’s not a cry for help. I’ve had these shorts since 1982. They did have an underpant lining, but it’s perished. They’ve taken a bit of a pounding over the years. Can you get me some new ones please?




2017 Annual Dinner Report

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The annual extravaganza of the Annual Dinner saw a good range of old and new members in attendance once again at Merchants in Warwick. It was particularly good to see the fruit of the club’s youth policy enjoying themselves, and this we also welcomed Nick Lamb, Snitterfield ground supremo to the party.

As the venue was fully packed this year, there was sadly no opportunity to repeat last year’s multimedia extravaganza. Nevertheless, the delicious meal was interspersed with the usual selection of weird and wonderful prizes and competitions, and the Chairman’s Speech in praise of the returning Peter Fisher (off the telly).

Congratulations to Liz Griffin who won the Irish Bingo and Vicki Henderson for correctly predicting the length of Sandy’s piece.

Many thanks to everyone involved in organising such a fantastic event, and especially to Simon International for his unique hosting. The prize-winners on the night were as follows:

Award Recipient
Clubman of the Year Paul Johnstone
Batsman of the Year Ben Linfield
Bowler of the Year Simon Hawkins
Fielder of the Year Ken Gill
Most Improved Player Will Morgan
Champagne Moment Winner Ben Linfield
Champagne Moment R/up Simon Hawkins (an absolute travesty)
Midweek MOM Ben Griffin & Simon Drage
Midweek TFC Simon Morgan
Best Catch Paul Robbins
Most Catches Kevin Tobin & Chris O’Reilly
Most Ducks Ken Gill
Best Tea Akwinder Gill
Best Scorer Layla Staveley
Best Chauffeur Pete Drage
Best Retirement Peter Fisher


Papper Henderson’s full gallery can be viewed here.



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