Barford Cricket Club

Barford Cricket Club

A friendly cricket club based in Warwickshire


Coaching nets

Simon Drage, club dynamo and irrepressible impresario, is in charge this year, although the format remains pretty much the same from last year – what do you mean you’ve never been before? Just make you bring your thermals and you’ll be fine…

From the 28th January we’ll be starting again at Warwick School for 6 weeks 11:00am, extended this year until 12:30 (although that does eat a bit in to the Chairman’s usual R&R).

In case anyone out there in the interweb wants to virtually experience a Barford net before actually turning up, you can thanks to the wonders of modern technology…

Following hot on the heels of those there will be nets at Kenilworth Wardens on Monday nights from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m., starting on March 12th and running for another 6 weeks.

Each session costs a measly £3 so there really is no excuse!

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